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Tamanu Healing Balm

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The Award Winning Tamanu Balm. It’s even safe enough to use on a baby! Used in Polynesia for Tamanu Healing Balmcenturies, it has the same antibacterial effect as amoxicillin. It’s great for:

• Stretch marks (Award winning)
• Nappy rash
• Psoriasis
• Rosacea
• Sun damage (pigmentation)
• Sore nipples (joggers, breast feeding mums)
• Eczema
• Stings (nettles, Mosquito bites wasps, midges)
• Burns (sunburn, oven burns, scalds, friction)
• Acne (It reduces inflammation and kills germs)
• Scars (old and new)

• Radiation burns from radiotherapy
• Minor surgery sites
• Grazes (magic cream for kiddies!)
• Piles!
• Episiotomy scars
• Splinters
• Itchy varicose veins
• Bruises
• Chicken pox scabs
• Bites
• Lip balm (good for skiers)

  • After tattoos
    • After hair removal (waxing, laser and plucking)
    • Cold sores
    • Cracked heels
    • Cracked skin on hands (builders, decorators)



Author: tropicbytracey

Team Ambassador for Tropic Skincare. Based In Scottish Highlands.

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