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Natural, Vegan, Paraben Free Skincare & Cosmetics (Highlands of Scotland)

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Tropic Manager!

Well! Im a little late in writing this but……on May 31st this happened!
I promoted to Tropic Manager!!!
Eeek….BIG thanks to all my lovely loyal customers and also to all the girls who are part of ‪#‎teamtrace‬ we did it! All our hard work has paid off and your all fab, couldn’t of done it without you!

Place on stage with Susie Ma and Lord Sugar beckons in September 🙂
Become a Tropic Ambassador
I’ve been spoiled with flowers and chocs a plenty from my fab manager and other upline as well as the main Tropic HQ team! All for doing something I love! Excited to be taking this next stop in my Tropic life…..How about joining me on this amazing journey?
Join us on #teamtrace as a Tropic Ambassador and start your own dream job with Tropic!

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Glambassadors 2016

So this weekend saw me travelling down to Birmingham again for our twice yearly Glambassadors event!  With my glambuddy Tine!

Tine & I

This time we were in a new venue, The Vox Conference Centre. Excited as ever for the launch of our new season products & catalogues.  Its always a busy, fun weekend but nice to be able to catch up with other team members as well as my lovely Manager who I would be lost without!


Tine, Caron & I

It was great to hear the inspirational talks from our founder, the gorgeous Susie Ma plus of course Lord Alan Sugar (our co-owner) it always gives me a renewed dose of motivation! But to be honest 2 years on I still LOVE Tropic as much as I did on day one.

Our gorgeous founder Susie Ma

Really excited to show you our summer season NEW products as well as the return of some favourites so watch this space!

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NEW Season, NEW Products….NEW LOOK!

Well its September again everyone, and that meant the autumn/winter product launch for Tropic last week at the NEC in Birmingham.  Sadly I wasn’t there in person this time so see the unveiling of the new Tropic brochure but none the less I hope you will be as impressed as I was with everything the gang at Head OffSusie Ma - Tropic Rebrand photo credit Tracey MacKenzieice have brought us once again!

Plus, not only did we have all our new season goodies this time……we’ve had a complete new makeover!  Which I’m sure you will agree is utterly gorgeous!  And brings us slap bang into the forefront of the gorgeous skincare product industry.  Not only is it eye-catching, its fresh, clean and juicy just like our yummy ingredients!

This was the moment a very emotional Susie revealed the new look to all the Tropic Ambassadors who attended the launch in Birmingham.  I don’t think she had anything to worry about!  The new look and reformulated products are stunning – she’s done us all proud once again.

If you’d like to snap up some of this gorgeousness for yourself just pop along to my Tropic webshop and buy now! I will be showcasing some of the NEW products in future posts so watch this space!

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Better late than never :)

Well its been just over a week since our latest  Glambassadors event held in Birmingham.

This is our twice yearly event to reveal all our new season products and for us as Ambassadors to receive recognition for our efforts and team work.


It meant I finally had the chance to be on stage with our founder Susie Ma and the other Tropic Ambassadors who had reached Team Ambassador level!  It was great to finally meet Susie but I don’t think I’ve ever felt my heart race so much a mixture of nerves and excitement!

The rest of the day was spent revealing all our new Tropic goodies and a very informative talk from Susie regarding the dangers of chemicals in so many beauty products.   Not forgetting the motivational talk from Lord Alan Sugar!  Who always spurs us on to do the best running our Tropic businesses!

You can check out the new Tropic products here.

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A Tropic Fairytale

This was beautifully written by one of our other Ambassadors for her little 2 and half year old who is also a big Tropic fan!  Was so lovely and she very kindly allowed us to share so thought I would let you see it also and it also tells the Tropic story so well! 🙂

Tropic Body Love Buttercream

********** Tropic – A Fairytale **********

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Susie who lived in a place called Queensland within the magical land of Australia.

In Susie’s garden there were a number of magic plants. Susie and her Mother made these plants into lotions which could heal peoples skin.

One day Susie her Mother decided to travel to the mystical old land of the United Kingdom.

It was a long journey, but once there Susie continued to make her magic lotions and decided to go to the market place in Greenwich to sell them so that she could buy her Mother a house.

Although Susie’s magic lotions sold very well at the market place she wanted to share them with more people, so she became an Apprentice to a grumpy Ogre called Alan.

The apprenticeship was very hard & Susie had to undertake a number of trials, some more scary than others and she learnt a number of skills.

At the end of the apprenticeship, Susie discovered that Alan wasn’t actually a grumpy Ogre but was in fact a rather sweet Knight of the Realm called Lord Sugar.

Lord Sugar said he would help Susie sell her magic lotions around the whole of the United Kingdom. So with the help of Lord Sugar and her friend Carlton (because every girl needs a sidekick) Susie set up a business called Tropic where they made the magic lotions in a special kitchen.

One day when Susie and Lord Sugar were discussing the best way to spread the Tropic love around the land, a wise Eagle called Gill flew into the room.

Gill told them they should recruit a team of Ambassadors who could travel the country far and wide showing people the magic lotions in the comfort of their own homes.

Under the watchful eye of Lord Sugar, Susie, Carlton and Gill found their Tropic Ambassadors to share the Tropic love.

Susie travelled the world looking for new magic ingredients to make other magic lotions and the Tropic business became very successful.

So successful that Susie was able to buy her Mother a house.

Along the way Susie also met a handsome prince.

And they all lived happily ever after

*************** The End ***************

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Looking for Vegan cosmetics & skincare?

Have you been looking for a completely vegan cosmetics & skincare range?  Well look no further!

The complete Tropic range is 100% vegan and BUAV approved and we are proud to carry the Leaping Bunny Logo on our products!  You can be rest assured of the best quality ingredients as Susie puts her heart & soul into her beautiful range of natural goodies 🙂

Buy your vegan cosmetics here!

Made with Natural Plant Extracts

We are commited to using premium natural ingredients that have the highest nutritional value for your skin.

vegan skincare & cosmetics highlands



Vegan Society Approved

Our range is proudly certified by the Vegan Society, which means that we don’t use any animal derivatives such as lanolin or collagen which involve harming our world’s creatures.




Leaping Bunny

Only the Leaping Bunny provides peace of mind. Products bearing the Leaping Bunny mark are certified ‘cruelty free’ by Cruelty Free International under the internationally-recognised Humane Cosmetics Standard. This stipulates that no animal testing is conducted or commissioned for finished cosmetic products or ingredients by the company, its laboratories or its suppliers after a fixed cut-off date.

The Leaping Bunny certification is unrivalled, as it requires each company to open its processes to independent audit throughout its supply chain, to ensure that it adheres to its animal testing policy and the Standard’s strict criteria. Tropic Skincare are certified by Cruelty Free International and you’ll see the Leaping Bunny on our packaging and website. For more information please see

Animal Testing

We never do it.

While some products carry labels claiming that their brand is ‘not tested on animals’ or is ‘against animal testing’, these are often confusing and do not guarantee that the product and its ingredients are actually free from animal testing. Always look for the logos!