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ECO Options at Tropic


At Tropic we are committed to protecting our environment, which is why we’re excited to reveal a brand new eco-friendly, box-free option for our collections!

If you’ve enjoyed our products before, you’ll know that our collections come beautifully gift wrapped, and after listening to your feedback and suggestions, we’ve expanded our collections range to include a box-free option. If you’re repurchasing and don’t need the box, simply order the eco-friendly option instead.


You get the same gorgeous products, but without the extra packaging, which is better for the environment as there is less waste.


We understand that on some occasions you may wish to purchase our collections gift wrapped (if you’re purchasing for the first time, or buying a gift for someone, for example) so simply choose either the ECO or GIFTED option from the drop down menu on the product page, and add your selection to the shopping bag
as normal.

We’re always looking for ways to improve and make your shopping experience with Tropic the best it can possibly be, so let us know how you get on with our new eco-friendly option and get in touch if you have any suggestions on how we can improve.

Happy shopping!

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Spring Clean those pores!


Spring has officially sprung! The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and with every new season comes a change in our skin’s natural balance. Unlike in winter, the warmer weather brings fresh, rejuvenated skin, and spring cleaning your pores can be a great way to shed the winter blues. For fabulous skin, follow these top tips:

Clean out your cupboards

Although many people ignore the labels, your skincare and cosmetic products do have a shelf life. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to clear out your cupboards and get rid of outdated products that may be gathering dust.

After a while, your makeup products will lose their effectiveness, so be sure to throw away anything that is past its expiration date, anything that appears to be dried out or broken, and anything that has changed in consistency or colour. You won’t get the same results from old makeup, and you are likely to see your skin break out more often from
the bacteria build-up.

Some products have an expiration date printed on the packaging, others don’t. You should be looking to get rid of your mascara after 3-6 months (or when it goes a bit clumpy!), and your foundation after 1 year. Powders and bronzers should normally be tossed at around 18 months (or if they change colour or break), and your eyeliner could last anywhere between 3 months and 3 years, depending on the ingredients!

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Winter is over and it’s time for fresh, renewed skin! During the cold weather, most of our body is covered in warm clothing so we ignore dry and broken skin building up on our feet, knees, elbows and more.

Spring is a great time to buff away those dead skin cells, boost circulation and reveal fresh, glowing skin all over. Our Face Smooth Brightening Polish is a fantastic natural exfoliating scrub to gently remove any build-up and leave smooth, supple skin that you’ll be happy to show off!

If you’re getting your pins out early this year, our Body Smooth Refreshing Polish will leave your legs feeling silky smooth, even in those notoriously rough skinned areas
like heels and knees!

Deep clean those pores

After you have exfoliated, it’s time to deeply cleanse your pores and make way for gorgeous skin! For a really intense, deep clean, our founder Susan Ma recommends steaming your face with Green Tea for a spring skin detox, and then applying a thin layer of our Radiance Clay Mask. Apply this mask for an all over cleanse, or dot onto individual spots overnight to reduce inflammation and redness, then rinse off.

This super cleansing mask is enriched with Green Clay, Goji Berry Extract and Guarana Seeds, and is designed to draw impurities to the surface of the skin while introducing essential nutrients back into the pores.

Let skin breathe

As the evenings get lighter, you might be venturing out of the house for longer during the day, meaning your makeup stays on longer too. To avoid clogged pores, be sure to remove any heavy makeup when you don’t need it – a few makeup free hours every day will allow skin to breathe.

If you don’t fancy being completely au naturale, then a light layer of makeup is all that’s needed. A dusting of our Mineral Foundation may be all you need to look fresh
this season!

Our fresh, natural ingredients are ideal for a clean, rejuvenated complexion this season and following these tips in your spring skincare routine will leave you with visibly
clearer and brighter skin!


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Tropic Feel Fresh Deodorant


Well you asked for it…..and its here!

We now have a deodorant anti-perspirant to join the range! And the praise has been high since it was unveiled at Glambassadors!

I’ve had a few of my lovely customers trial it for me and this is what they’ve had to say…..

“I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for the new deodorant and can highly recommend it!! It’s a lovely cream and only the tiniest amount is needed which makes it really good value aswell. It survived a very long day at work, walking 2 crazy dogs, battling two 10 year olds to bed and still managed to get to bed feeling pretty fresh. Have put an order in already and will never go back to a spray again!!”

And the praise continues…..

“Delighted with my trial of Tropic’s Deodorant and antiperspirant cream . Having used Sure for over 40 years, I was very sceptical . On application the cream is quickly absorbed and dries almost instantly. Challenged it at work and then afterwards out gardening ! Stayed fresh as a daisy ! Will be adding to my Tropic shopping list”

“I have been testing the deodorant over last 2 days and I am very impressed! I have only ever found 1 deodorant that I like and that works for me so always stick to it, however this one is definitely a winner. It does feel wet when it first goes on but dries after a minute or so then have felt really fresh and dry all day. Great to know its not made with any nasty chemicals too.” X

“I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for the new deodorant and can highly recommend it!! It’s a lovely cream and only the tiniest amount is needed which makes it really good value aswell. It survived a very long day at work, walking 2 crazy dogs, battling two 10 year olds to bed and still managed to get to bed feeling pretty fresh. Have put an order in already and will never go back to a spray again!!”

I think its fair to say new Feel Fresh is going to be a firm favourite within the Tropic range! 🙂

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Mother’s Day


**Mothers Day is fast approaching on Sunday 6th March**
You still have time to catch delivery if you order today!
Why not treat you mum to something different from the usual flowers and chocolates this year? Ethical products, adored by ladies across the UK, cheap by comparison to some of our competition and of much higher quality
Give her something to show you care and let her pamper herself. Or if you have any birthdays coming up? Everything is packaged beautifully direct to your door x


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Valentine’s Day Treat


Check out this gorgeous Limited Edition version of our super scrummy Body Love Buttercream.
Treat yourself or drop hints to your significant other to bag this Valentine’s treat from Tropic!

Added bonus, it is still on offer at 20% off meaning you can get hold of your own for the bargain price of just £16!
Dont hang about though as its only available until 14th February! ❤

Spread the Tropic Love this Valentine’s Day!!

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Join Tropic this January! New Year, New You, New Business!

New Year, New You

Why not start your OWN business in 2015!

There couldn’t be a better time to join our 4000 strong Ambassador family! Make more time for the family this year and pay for those all-important holidays and treats in life by selling our award-winning natural skincare and cosmetics to beauty lovers all over the country!
Join in January and receive your Tropic Leapers’ Kit (£295 of Tropic products) for FREE!
This offer is exclusive to new Ambassadors and is activated once Leap Ahead Levels 1 & 2 (+4 days grace for Tropic Essentials Kit to arrive) have been achieved.
This offer is in addition to the £50 Product Credits you take home by achieving your Leap Aheads

We are looking for Ambassadors to join our growing Team, could this be YOU?.  Do you love skin care and make-up?  Want a new challenge in 2015? Need to earn some extra cash?  Take a look at why Tropic could be for you.  Get in touch with me for more info or take a look here

Become a Tropic Ambassador